Working with Women

I have seen the extraordinary things women are capable of when they experience female solidarity and empowerment.

Supporting women in the workforce became my mission in life.

Since 2000, I have worked with female executives as well as the female leaders of tomorrow around the world.


Perihan Inci

Board Member of Inci Holding


Sevil Sabancı

Board Member of the Sabancı Group

During her college years at Richmond, the American International University in London, my daughter Melisa Tapan was in need of professional guidance, communication training, and mentoring. 

Working with Mrs. Ilbas has tremendously improved my daughter's confidence and her ability to articulate herself. She became much more self-aware, poised, and improved her presentation skills. 

Mrs. Ilbas not only inspired Melisa, she made herself available in a continuous basis which provided my daughter with a sounding board whenever she needed one. 


Frédérique Granado 

Head of Audiences & Content at Sanofi

During the year we worked with Mrs. Ilbas, we had the pleasure of benefiting from her great professionalism with a strong corporate spirit, and an openness to other cultures. 

Within our Group, Mrs. Ilbas has contributed by her personal implication, her enthusiasm, her great professionalism and her loyalty, to promote the essential values ​​of Groupama at the service of its customers and collaborators.


Neşe Gök 

President at Inci Holding


Aneta Lazarevic

Head of External Communications Operations Europe of TEREOS 

Muriel Omur Ilbas is one of the greatest professionals I've ever met. She is totally committed to her mission and her wide range of skills and experience is an incredible added value to any organisation. Her thoroughness coupled with her ability to think out of the box, bring the projects to a whole level. 

I hope I'll have the opportunity to work with her again. 


Nazlican Yoney

Product Marketing Manager at Google

I had a chance to receive  coaching and mentoring services from Mrs. Ilbas.

Her professionalism and expertise helped me a lot to improve myself in especially senior stakeholder management. I would be an amateur professional in terms of communication skills without her consultancy

and at disadvantage point in my career for sure. She was there for me, day and night, with her professionalism, sincere support and her learnings from private

sector for years.